Planetarium - Selwyn Snowball 2019

This year, we’re taking Selwyn College on a journey through the solar system. Join us on Friday 6th December for stellar live music, celestial activities, and limitless food and drink. Selwyn Snowball has gradually become one of the most highly anticipated events of the University calendar, and we can’t wait to open our doors for a night that will be truly out of this world!


Need to change the names on your tickets for whatever reason?

Name change is now open on the ticketing site.

It’s currently free until Saturday 23rd November. After that, it’ll rise to £5 until Saturday 30th November at which point it’ll become £10. From Wednesday 4th December, it’ll rise for a final time to £15 and remain there until the day of the ball.

Keeping with tradition, all name change profit will be donated to charity.

You can also add your guests’ email addresses so they can be sent a copy of their own ticket and receive further important information about the ball.

If you’re an alumni or if you purchased your ticket through a different method, please email with all the name change information and we’ll process it for you manually.

We hope you’re as excited as we are and we can’t wait to reveal more to you over the next few weeks!


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Charlie Scholes
Theo Brook
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Selina Summers
Production Manager
Mary-Hannah Oteju
Joe Bishop
Sam Johnston
Shemaya Hurd-Thomas
Will Robson
Technical Operations
Savan Mehta
Wendy Zhang
Logistics Director
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Logistics Officer
Michael Daya-Winterbottom
Entertainment Director
Ananya Arora
Entertainment Officer
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Entertainment Officer
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Decorations & Scene
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Decorations & Scene
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Graphic Design
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